“one thing i’d say about our cultural moment: people hate to argue, or even disagree. they don’t want to argue about politics, or art, or anything else, and the sheer fact that you disagree with someone threatens their self-esteem. now people do still want to insult and berate people but only in the company of other people who agree with themselves. no one wants to have an actual exchange.”

- cheese it, the cops!: no argument

Dead Milkmen, Shaking Through

So I’m not TOTALLY immune to nostalgia. #recordstoreday #deadmilkmen

“…these intensifying suburbs are in an adolescent phase of development. They are rapidly losing the qualities that people like about the suburbs: open space, privacy, convenience, quiet, lower cost, ample free parking, and so on. But they aren’t yet delivering the things people like about cities: culture, vibrant street life, walkability, convenient public transportation, night life… Joel Garreau calls places like this Edge City: a place that has a suburban form but at an urban density. Driving private cars is no longer convenient here anymore, but transit will never function well either. Jobs are plentiful, but housing is too expensive. It lacks the privacy and peace of a good suburb, but is deficient in the vibrancy and culture available in a real city. It’s too thick to be jam, but too thin to be jelly.”


Granola Shotgun on San Jose,“Growth and the Suburban Chassis” (via scz)

Reblogging from the perfect example of this: Reston Town Center, VA. The above description is perfect.