1. Pietasters - Willis
  2. The Horrors - Luminous
  3. Christian Death - Catastrophe Ballet
  4. Christian Death - Only Theatre of Pain
  5. Christian Death - Sex & Drugs & Jesus Christ
  6. Minks - By the Hedge
  7. Frank (just Frank) - The Brutal Wave
  8. Christian Death - The Darkest hour
  9. Christian Death - Born Again Anit-Christian

Other things being equal, and speaking very broadly, newer tech tends to work better than older, which is why Apple keeps getting us to buy the latest and greatest iPhone. So, at the mass-market consumer level, we have a strange state of affairs in which people are eager to vote with their dollars, pounds and Euros for the latest tech but they flock to movies depicting a relentlessly depressing view of the future, and resist any tech deployed on a large scale, in a centralized way, such as wind turbine farms.

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Because in the UK they just went ahead and used Peter Murphy.